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2011 in Pictures. My year that was.

As the year comes to a close and people prepare to make resolutions they most likely won’t keep, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on what’s been a really incredible year. After getting engaged in Australia, 2011 started of with a bang in Sydney, watching the fireworks with friends and wondering what was in store for us all. In January we swapped the warm weather for some snow and I entered into my first official year in business in Sweden, with the first step being a participant of Stockholm’s biggest bridal show, Bröllopsmässan at the Grand Hotel. It was fun preparing but even funner playing around with our photo booth and I was really lucky to have some helping hands on board in the form of a great friend, Camilla Runsten and my lovely, L. It was a cold winter and someone actually said there was 30cm of snow in the city. All I remember is that it was REEEEAALLLLLY cold!!

Bröllopsmässan was such a great experience that we repeated it again in Uppsala!

As the snow thawed and the sun got a little closer I was lucky enough to second shoot with the fantastic Terri Lindholm of Lindholm Photography on two occasions, the first being for a lovely couple named Angelika and Johnny who had their engagement shoot in Gamla Stan near the Slott! The next shoot was at Stockholm’s iconic Stadshuset for Jenny and Niclas’ wedding. I am now happy to be able to call Terri a friend. Like me, she is a foreigner who moved to Sweden for love and has since started and operates her own successful photography business. Thank you, Terri, for allowing me the honour of shooting with you.

May saw my first wedding of the season, booked at Bröllopsmässan with a lovely couple who weren’t even going to have a photographer, thinking that their wedding in Paris wouldn’t allow for it. I’m glad they were wrong, because I kicked off my first Swedish wedding season in FRANCE, which was a lifelong dream come true.

L and I also took our first sailing trip of the year to Saltsjöbaden right after we’d made the decision to get a brand spanking new Golden Retriever puppy! We had gone out to Almunge, near Uppsala and chosen him a few days before and I can remember how much we wanted us with him on our trip.

None long afterwards, my second wedding of the season was due and I was happy to be shooting in Gamla Stan again with Marie and John, who found me through google as they live in England.

In June we headed back to Almunge again to bring home our little monster, Bentley, the Golden Retriever we’d chosen two weeks earlier and I got to work with Terri again, but this time on Angelika and Jonnhy’s wedding. Photo shoots kept coming and I headed out to Nacka to shoot Sophia and Niklas on their sunday wedding with the sun shining all over Stockholm. Later on I got to meet up with Jennifer and Stefan again, my Paris wedding couple for a family shoot out at Huddinge with their gorgeous little boy Hampus and the perfect end to the month was when the amazing Alicia Swedenborg shot our engagement portraits! You can see a couple of her shots below. The best part was that we got to do a day’s short sail to Stockholm’s Archipelago with Bentey, Alicia and her man and our makeup artist, Mia Högfeldt and her son Charlie.

Photo ©Alicia Swedenborg

Photo ©Alicia Swedenborg

With half the year flying by it was time for some real summer in Sweden, and as a result, some really beautiful weddings, like Jennefer and Jonas’ wedding at Nickelvikens Gård in Stockholm and Donna and Peter’s wedding on Muskö, an island near Stockholm and a very special couple, Jannica and Fredrik also had their engagement shoot on Södermalm in Stockholm.

Because of all the lovely weather Sweden was experiencing, and because my L loves to sail, we decided to take another sailing trip into Stockholm’s Archipelago and take along our little woofa, Bentley. He was older, now and loved to curl up on my legs when we were out at sea and even though we got rained out and had to return home due to bad weather it was a wonderful experience. But it wasn’t all happy sailing as far as Bentley’s health went, for I ended up taking him to the animal hospital with a very sick stomach and at 6 months old the breeder we brought him home from held a 6 month puppy meet! Since then Bentley has become good friends with two of his brothers!! Poor Bentley also went through the trauma of losing a claw in an accident while we were at lunch in the city with friends. He was suck a trooper at the hospital… again… especially after the nurses gave him some pain killers!
July also saw Jannica and Fredrik get married at Millesgården on Stockholm’s Lidingö and Ann-Sophie and Bjarne tie the knot in Strängnäs! I was also fortunate enough to purchase a brand new camera bag from Epiphanie!

As the summer came to a close and the weather grew colder I did one of my last outdoor photo shoots with a beautiful baby boy named Louie before I flew to the states for a short holiday in Chicago with L for some deep dish pizza, a cubs game (they won!) and writing on the walls of Gino’s East! I then headed to Atlanta to see my bestie and MOH, Kaitlin. The best part, apart from heading to a county fair and all that lovely Zaxby’s, was finding my perfect wedding dress and then crying as I put it on and having fun in all the photo booths at Georgia’s Bridal Show! My L and Kaitlin got to meet for the first time and fun was at had Atlanta’s World of Coke. September also saw me turn the dreaded 31… and the fun continued as I shot a Fairytale wedding near Uppsala and a beautiful wedding at Millesgården with Annika and John! I was also surprised to see that after just two weeks of being away, Bentley had had a growth spurt and was suddenly a very big boy! Returning home was also fun because I was newly inspired and ready to start planning our wedding!

With the Autumn lingering a little longer, this year, a beautiful couple, Malin and Fredrik had their engagement shoot with me, which I styled myself and one of my very first bookings from Bröllopsmässan finally said their “I do’s” and married at Taxinge Slott.

In November, and still no snow (last year there was HEAPS of it), twins London and Boston had their first birthday party, a Dr. Zeus themed shindig, which they cried all the way through and two very special couples got married. Sara and Karolin married at Stockholm’s Fåfängen with politician Mona Sahlin as their celebrant and Malin and Fredrik married in Östermalm and had their party at Stockholm’s Sällskapet. Poor Bentley was in the wars again, cutting open his paw and getting neutered all in the same month and First Advent was spent with family and having fun with our niece and nephew.

So… as the year comes to a close, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have made my year what it is. I celebrated my 1 year engagement with my L and I look forward to celebrate new years. Awesome. Thank you for your support and your love, I only hope 2012 will be just as awesome, if not more awesome than this year. As I leave you, I leave you with a few shots from December. A funeral. Christmas. An anniversary.

That was 2011…. in pictures.


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