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2014: The Best and Funniest Moments

What a year 2014 was! I kick started it off with my Honeymoon in Africa, which was incredible and then headed back home for the Wedding Fair. I laughed until I cried at some weddings and sweltered at a wedding in Malta. There were cow photobombs and mooning Grooms and there were kids who didn’t co-operate on their Baptism day. Here’s a look back at the best and funniest moments of 2014.

1. When you have your photo taken with some kids in Tanzania and not realise you’re being stared at.

2. When the Masai Mara are amazed at the inscription on your wedding ring… and then ask if they can have it.

3. When you let your Husband borrow the camera for an early morning bush walk in the African wilderness, and he comes back with shitty photos.

4. When Brides get saucy and Grooms aren’t really sure about it.

5. When Brides give the thumbs up about their Grooms.

6. When Grooms get dainty.

7. When Flower Girls are more interested in bugs than fulfilling flower girl duties.

8. When Groomsmen kiss Grooms.

9. When wedding guests have enjoyed the wine a little too much and ornaments get rabbit ears.

10. When cows photobomb your Wedding Portrait session.

11. When babies steal your lens pets… right off your lens.

12. When Grooms sniff flowers and Brides try to get romantic.

13. When Grooms lick Brides’ faces…

… and are proud of it.

Pre-Wedding Shoot on Sšdermlam in Stockholm

14. When Grooms get all William Wallace on their Brides…. and Photographer.

British-Swedish Wedding at GšrvŠlns Slott

15. When Brides force Grooms to smile.

16. When Grooms fake slap Brides… and they go with it.

17. When Grooms almost drop Brides off docks… and everyone laughs.

18. When Grooms play “Gotcha nose”.

19. When crazy is the best pose.

20. When the “Zoolander” is the best pose.

21. When Grooms-to-be have hurt feelings.

22. When Grooms-to-be lick Bride-to-be’s faces… and they’re proud of it… AGAIN.

23. When Grooms and Groomsmen sniff flowers… again.

24. When an awkward giggle comes out.

25. When zombie is the best pose.

26. When couples are caught between laughs…

27. When Brides fan themselves and Grooms realise what they married.

28. When Groomsmen REALLY kiss Grooms.

29. When Zombies attend weddings.

30. When Brides give the thumbs up after the Ceremony.

31. When Wedding Guests have enjoyed the wine a little too much… no no… just kidding.

32. When couples get all Game of Thrones.

33. When Grooms are rejected and Brides just don’t care.

34. When couples spaz out.

35. When a kiss turns into a bite… and he likes it.

36. When Grooms go in for a kiss… and it’s not the Bride on the receiving end.

37. When your dog really gets into the culture in Amsterdam.

38. When little boys don’t like Priests touching their heads.

39. When little girls photobomb you.

40. When Bridesmaids are really the help…

41. When it’s THAT cold at your wedding.

42. When the only photo he’ll let you take is of his ouchie.

43. And finally… when you go exploring… in more places than one.



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