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2015: The Best and Funniest Moments

The Best and Funniest Moments of the Year

Wow. 2015. That seemed to go really fast. As it comes to a close, it’s time to do my annual best and funniest moments post about the year that was. It was a bit of a wild one. We had photo-bombing horses, intense high fives, pretending to be a tourist to escape trouble, dresses being un-cooperative, seeing the Northern Lights and much, much more. So, let’s take a look back, in no particular order, at 2015: the best and funniest moments. Did you make it to the list?

  1. When your cousin pretends to be angry on a photoshoot and you think it’s hilarious.

2. When a baby high fives you.

3. When Dad’s head is the best thing to hold on to.

4. When you take selfies with wedding couples on your iphone instead of your pro gear.

5. When you set up the perfect shot with a Pug that refuses to co-operate and get photobombed by a cyclist.

6. When you take more selfies with your iphone.

7. When your wedding dress decides it didn’t need the wire frame.

8. When a couple’s kid decides you’re no longer allowed to take photos of the wedding reception and locks you out.

9. When wedding guests kill it on the dance floor.

10. When wedding guests play “Heads Up”… only slightly inebriated.

11. When you get photobombed in Scotland in the most appropriate way ever.

12. When you pretend to be a tourist and have to get in the shot with your couple to avoid trouble… lol.

13. When you take a candy break right after your Ceremony.

14. When you pose in the most appropriate way a photographer being photographed can.

15. When you ask someone to give their best fake laugh…

So that you can get this expression….

RhiannonJS1-3616. When your Bride’s corset is too tight and needs to come off…

17. When you get to see the Norther Lights in central Stockholm and think it’s incredible while your Husband says he’s sleeping.

18. When a student on a train in Morocco asks you to proof read his essay about the book “Into The Wild” because he saw you reading “Wild” and could relate.

19. When your travel companion collects sand from a beach in Morocco…

20. When your Husband knows your feet hurt on your wedding day.

21. When you can’t resist saying “Cheeeeeese” when you see a piece of cheese drawn on the sidewalk.

22. When you don’t want to be kissed and she thinks it’s hilarious.

23. When you give the most epic high-fives in the history of giving high-fives.

24. When you get all “NO no noooo” up in there.

25. When your Man is a bit of a Diva.

26. When friends show what their mirror faces really look like.

27. When you allow your Husband to pose with your bouquet.

28. When you and your girls show attitude.

29. When you get all Gangsta on your Love Shoot.

30. When you high five like it’s nobody’s business…. but miss!

31. When a gamer couple acts out their characters on their Love Shoot.

32. And when they get all Diva and offer rejection…

Only to get rejected in return… lol.


32. When a woman in the brightest, most obnoxious colour jacket possible photobombs your shoot… knows it… and even poses.

33. When you simply HAVE to take a selfie with a past couple at the wedding of a current couple.

34. When your Dad didn’t really want you in the shot…

35. When your first child is being born and you feel everything… all at once.

35. When your Best Man and Maid of Honour get in on the action.

36. When a photo says a thousand words about who the boss really is… haha

37. When Mum’s nose is completely hilarious.

38. When your Mum pours water over you and you aren’t ready for it…

39. More selfies with clients.

40. When your travel buddy pretends to swim in the ancient pool… but looks more like she’s drowning.

41. When there’s a baby in there…

42. When your model wants to pose with your Office Buddy and he thanks her with a kiss.

43. When your Office Buddy thinks the bed for the shoot you’ve set up is for him.

44. When your Office Buddy wants in the water, but you want the shot…

45. When someone takes a photo of you at Mont Saint Michel and the sky is amazing, but the sign in the water looks totally photoshopped in.

46. When your job for the day is to scare people coming out of a Haunted House.

47. When the Celebrant drops the ring!

48. When you tell the Bride you took the photo before the dress was up. LOL

49. When your fiance threatens to drop you… and for a moment you believe him.

50. When you need to get the shot, but a baby needs to be held.

51. When tongues out is the obvious choice.

52. When you feel like a celebrity because random Moroccan men want photos with you.

53. When you have two professional cameras on your person but still use your iphone for a selfie. Because internet.

54. When the Groom gets a little fresh.

55. When you’re a pro a getting everyone else’s family to pose for amazing photos, but your own family do everything but look at the camera.

56. When the toddler you’re photographing decides you’re too dry.

57. When a child gives you a gift, you accept it. No matter what it is.

58. When you get the most epic client selfie ever.

59. When you take a shot whilst holding a baby and the family think it’s hilarious.

60. When you can’t get the blasted phone to work to call Princess Victoria to tell her you’re at the gate.

61. When your kid and his friend think it’s gross you’re kissing in public.

62. When your horse wants to be the centre of the photoshoot.

63. And finally, when your Office Buddy takes centre stage again.


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