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52 Week Personal Project: Week 7 – Underwater

This week I managed to actually get hold of a cheap underwater housing for my camera from Amazon in order to complete week 7’s exercise. I tested it in the kitchen sink for leaks but still didn’t trust it and I wasn’t about to put any of the cameras I use professionally at risk by using it with them, so I fished out my old Canon 400D and a broken Canon EF 24-70 L series lens that I retired last year due to the internal elements of the lens being un-reparable after a big drop. The lens works, but focusing, either manually or automatically is completely random and sometimes impossible. I didn’t think I had much to lose if the housing didn’t hold, and off I went down to the local waterfront to give it a try.

I would say it was a semi-successful exercise. The underwater housing bag kept up its end of the deal, my gumboots, however, did not. So there I was, in 3°C sort of sunny weather, standing with my feet and hands exposed to 2.8°C water… trying to get SOMETHING.. to focus… cursing my leaky gumboots and my hands are turning red from the cold and my socks are wet.

It’s strange to not be able to see what you’re shooting but I ended up with 3 photos that are really eery looking and at first I colour corrected them but they didn’t seem to carry the same appeal so I reverted them back to how they were shot for the more blueish tinge. There’s not much to see on the bottom of Lake Mälaren, and it’s actually quite gross to think people swim in this with all that furry dirt floating around, but shooting up from underneath the water yielded an interesting result. In any case, I think I’ll try this again when the water isn’t near freezing. 20 minutes and my hands had stopped working properly. Although I still don’t fancy swimming in Lake Mälaren… the thought of what’s actually in Lakes really grosses me out.

I’ll say it again though, week 7 for an underwater project is silly if you’re not in a tropical climate in the Southern Hemisphere. This should have been set in August. But here are the weird results, anyway.



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