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Developing a relationship with your photographer to document your life

Developing a relationship with your Photographer

As a Wedding and Portrait Photographer, I’m all about capturing relationships. Not just romantic ones, but also familial ones. In this day and age, digital photography is within reach of anyone who has a cell-phone and now, with the invention of the selfie-stick, people no longer have to look for the safest person at that tourist spot to take their shot so they can be in it.

But while that amazing piece of equipment can get great shots of you and your family without your extended arm in the shot, it still can’t help you capture your relationships with the people you love the way that hiring a professional photographer can. Anyone can stick their arm out and snap a snot of themselves grinning with the kids in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, but when it comes to actually capturing the relationship you have with your loved ones… no selfie-stick is up to the challenge.

Most of the relationships I have with my clients begin after they become engaged or when they are about to be married. It is one of the most important days of their lives and they have entrusted me to document it so they and their family can remember it visually for years to come. So when a couple comes back to me and asks me to photograph the second biggest moment in their lives, starting a family, I am honoured.

Getting to watch so many families grow over the years have been some of the most memorable moments in my business and as I come up on having my 10th year in the Photography industry I think back to some of the wonderful people who helped me start it and who have been loyal customers ever since. I feel like a sort of far away Aunt, getting to watch kids grow up and families develop and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.


The Lowery’s (above), were one of my first wedding couples many years ago and now have a gorgeous son, Ryan, who I have been photographing for the last 3 years. From the weeks after he was born, to the year he started to crawl, to today with him chasing chickens around their backyard. It’s these kinds of moments that you really want documented. The milestones in your life and also your children’s lives as they develop into the amazing people they are.


Another family that has been with me from practically the beginning is the Harris family. They’re all growing into such amazing kids and young adults and I even got to see them start new schools and move into high school, this year. And they’ve all gotten so tall! A Family shoot may not always be smiles and laughter, but that’s also a part of documenting your family and not just posing with cheesy smiles in front of tourist attractions. These are real moments, as your kids were, on that particular day.

Rhiannon & Dane Wedding

The Halls Family have had a shoot with me every year for the past 3 years and each year, one of their adorable kids has refused to take part. Next year, they should all be over it and posing for me like naturals! LOL

Rhiannon & Dane Wedding

Sometimes, a family member refuses to come along on a shoot (which I’m told she now regrets), but that made the most recent shoot with the Eichhorns all the more memorable. It’s a perfect reminder of not just the day, but the story behind why one crucial family member is missing. Hopefully the next time they have a shoot with me, Miss Izzy won’t refuse and we can see how big she’s gotten.


Watching kids grow up is just so awesome, and the Cordner Family knows the importance of having that documented. They have had a family shoot with me for the past 4 years and each year we’ve captured their amazing personalities, and sometimes struggles, on what we end up with.

So, the next time you think about doing some family photos, consider the photographer you may already have that relationship with. Most Wedding Photographers are also Portrait Photographers and will be more than happy to document the growth of your family.


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