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Inspirational Books on Photography

Since I last posted about books I recommend reading I have been inspired yet again by the amount of awesome stuff being printed these days. Whenever I travel to the states I always make sure to visit the book stores and with the closing down of Borders it was visits to Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble… but while I love book stores, I am always disappointed by the lack of variety and turn over on the shelves (especially with the relatively small english sections here in Stockholm). It’s not really any wonder Borders went out of business and had to close all its doors. With Amazon providing fast, easy service that’s at least 20% cheaper WITH delivery to Stockholm… book store visits are becoming a thing of the past for me, sadly. And as much as I love the convenience of buying online, I will definitely miss the atmosphere of the stores, the smell of the coffee brewing from the cafe, the smell of the books, being able to pick any book up off the shelf and flip through it… this I will miss… and as soon as some super smart inventor guy comes up with virtual bookstores… I’m in! (Although I’m not a huge fan of reading something on a screen, I like real… papery books)

It’s even harder to find books living here in Stockholm. I am not Swedish, so it naturally stands that I prefer reading in English, so that goes for browsing as well… it’s just not the same going into one of the few stores here… so… I always stock up and bring them home with me whenever I travel!

Here are a few that I’ve recently perused and enjoyed and actually felt inspiration from. Some of you may know I, myself am getting married next year, so it’s double enjoyment for me! Work AND pleasure!

First up is The Art of Engagement Photography by Elizabeth Etienne. Full of great ideas for expanding your skill set and offering your clients something extra.
Wedding Photography From the Heart by Joe Buissink and Skip Cohen is another great read, especially for all the romantics out there and if you were lucky enough to attend Joe’s workshop here in Stockholm recently, then you SHOULD read this if you already haven’t! 😉
Following their hugely successful blog comes Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters Guide to Shooting From the Heart, offering readers a little more technical suggestions and a nudge to using your gut while shooting. Aimed at pretty much anyone who likes to click away on the s-button, it’s a huge plus for beginners needing to understand the more basic principles of photography, as well.
For the more business minded among us, a good read is Dane Sanders’ Fast Track Photographer and it’s worthwhile taking his online pDNA test to gain a better insight on yourself and your business. The results might surprise you!
If you’re like me, and you need a kick up the butt every now and then to feel more inspired, then you should try The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. A sort of, self help for artists, you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement as you turn the pages and maybe even find understanding for your procrastinating ways…
Now… if you like a little adventure in your inspiration and tend to lean more towards the photojournalistic side of things then an excellent read is Shutterbabe: Adventures in Love and War by novelist and photojournalist Deborah Copaken Kogan. Sometimes confrontatinal, sometimes shocking… her autobiographical account of her years as a photojournalist is honest and admirable. Definitely for the adventurer in you.
Finally, if you’re a bride or groom planning a wedding or even a fellow photographer looking for something to inspire you then two great visually delicious reads are Weddings and Southern Weddings by Tara Geurard and photographer Liz Banfield. I am a little bit in love with southern style… well… anything… so these books are right up my alley!


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