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Shooting With Soul: Exercise 39 – A Sound You Love

Exercise 39: A Sound You Love

This has been an exercise that has actually been very difficult to complete. First, because you have to figure out what sound you do actually love, and second, how to actually translate that into a photo. I’ve been thinking about this since I first started this project back in August… a sound I love? Music? The rain? Sure… but how do I photograph that? Then it occurred to me that Bentley has a lot of little sounds he makes that I simply adore and the biggest one is the way he wakes us up in the mornings. Usually it’s right on 7am, because that’s when his breakfast is. But sometimes he’ll come before that and we’ll say to him “It’s too early, go back to bed” and he will…. until 7am. He’s probably the best alarm clock I have and he even has a snooze function. But the sound that makes this little ritual is his tail. More accurately, the way it bashes against the bed. As soon as I hear it a smile creeps across my face and I’ll stick my arm out to pet him, and then his head will pop up and look at you with those gorgeous big brown eyes… and all the while his tail is thump, thump, thumping the side of the bed. I love it.

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In the summer of 2014 my Husband and I decided to take a road trip down to the south of France from Sweden to soak up some sun, and as I was deciding which books to take, I picked up my copy of Alessandra Cave‘s gem, Shooting With Soul. I ended up completing a good number of the exercises in the book but instead of doing them in order, like the book suggests, I chose to complete them whenever I felt the opportunity presented itself during that time. I also used whatever I had available in terms of gear, which was not a lot and many times presented a really limiting challenge. I did not, and could not, complete all of the projects in the book on the trip, so I shall continue them now that we’re back home in Sweden. This image was completed at home. 


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