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The greatest and funniest moments of 2013

As the year comes to a close, I thought I would share some of the funniest and most awesome moments from 2013. Some were funny, some were shocking… THEN they were funny… Overall, though, 2013 at Cherrie Coutts Photography has been one amazing year! So, kick back with a coffee… or a wine… and check it out.

2013’s Greatest and Funniest moments are…

When girls make grass moustaches

When balloons won’t co-operate

When you need to step over an electric fence…. and NOT drop your wife

When Men show Brotherly love

When little girls won’t let their Dads kiss them

When everyone takes a nap

When Brides krump

When Grooms suggest photos in wheelbarrows… and Brides agree

When Brides dance on jetties

When Grooms point out the word “Fågel” (Bird)

When Groomsmen act romantic

When Bridal Parties get awesome

When Bride-to-bes direct traffic and Groom-to-bes giggle

When Groom-to-be does the “Captain Morgan” and Bride-to-be does the “Smize”

When Sons pee on their Dads… and Mum and Photographer laugh

When Boys taste flowers

When horses photobomb

When your own dog photobombs!

When other peoples dogs photobomb!!

When other Photographers photobomb!!

When Bride-to-bes are afraid of heights

When 3 kids play stacks on… with you on the bottom!

When Grooms growl at the camera… and Brides try to hide embarrassment

When Grooms get cheesy… and Brides still try to hide embarrassment

When Father-of-the-bride trips on the Wedding Dress

When Groom jumps over the same Wedding Dress

When Bride licks Groom

When Bride and Bridesmaids REALLY sniff flowers

When Best Man gives Groom rabbit ears

When Groom lifts Bride unexpectedly

When Boy tries to follow duck into water

When Boy takes off shirt and runs off with that AND the spare

When Brides do the classic cheesy pose and Grooms approve

When Dad’s nose is the best way to hang on

When Boy drops Dog’s leash and Dog makes a run for it

When Daughter gives Dad a wet willy… and he likes it

When Boy decides that upside down is best

When Boy refuses to do anything at all

When Bride basks in the falling Cherry Blossoms

When Groom also basks in the falling Cherry Blossoms

When wedding guests get all Tyra Banks


When Brother knocks Sister over and she gets REALLY, REALLY angry

When Grandma tries to walk THROUGH a pole

And lucky last. When  your dog slips you the tongue!

Thank you to everyone who has made this year special and exciting! I hope 2014 is as incredible as 2013. 🙂


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