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Halls Family Lifestyle Photography Session

Sometimes, Parents think that having Family Photos taken is equal to everyone in the family looking at the camera and smiling, wearing matching clothing and being in the school library on a Saturday in a makeshift studio. That’s how I remember our Family Photography session, and I hated it. Every moment. There was always some scary old man with the biggest flash he could find getting frustrated at us because we weren’t grinning at the camera the way he wanted, and we would all fight and go home angry. And even though the photos were terribly posed and stiff, my Parents still paid to have them printed and sent them to the Grandparents. So, with my own personal experiences being what it was, I promised never to be that way. Not every photo needs to be forced, and not everyone needs to be smiling and happy. Anyone who’s worked with kids knows that they don’t just smile on command and they aren’t always obedient. But I believe perseverance is key. If a kid won’t smile, don’t make them. Let them scowl and cross their arms and stomp their feet. In the long run, it’ll make for a better experience for everyone and it’ll be remembered for years to come in a more positive way.

That’s what happened on my second time shooting the Halls family. A certain gorgeous little girl decided that she wasn’t going to co-operate, and that was perfectly fine with me because when she saw that everyone else was still having fun, and when I told her she was NOT allowed to smile under any circumstances, she changed her mind and ended up giving me the best shot of the day with her cheeky little look! Sometimes, turning a frown upside down is a simple as ordering kids NOT to smile. 🙂 It’s like saying “Don’t touch. it’s hot.” You can be certain they’ll touch. LOL

  • Somone - February 27, 2014 - 12:39

    We had a wonderful day!!! We love it when you come to Australia, we will always book you to do updated family pics! You are a wonderful photographer with SOOOOOOO much patience! Your work is lovely, and I have a grin from ear to ear every time I look at these photos – all be it cheeky or not lol!!!ReplyCancel

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