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The Golden Thread: Hundöarna Drottningholm

Brothers. I’m fully convinced that Bentley and Jackson not only remember each other from when they were puppies in the same litter, but also that they understand there’s something connecting them. They may not understand that it’s a bloodline, but they sure do understand loyalty. When me and L went on our Honeymoon, Bentley stayed with his brother, Jackson and his family for a week. During that week, Bentley got into a tiff with another dog (he gets picked on a lot) and I was told that Jackson actually came to his rescue. Now that Jackson is staying with us for a week while his family holidays in Thailand, I have witnessed it with my own eyes. We were in the dog park here on Stora Essingen and one of the other regular male dogs and Jackson got into a small bite match (no blood, just a lot of growling and pulling at the neck) and right away Bentley came over to defend his brother. Now, this may not seem all that outstanding, they’re pack animals, they do that kind of thing, but neither Bentley or Jackson do this with any other dogs, even though those dogs are regular faces and even friends. They only do this with each other.

On Sunday, I took them over to Hundöarna (The Dog Islands) in Drottningholm so they could run around and socialise. Hundöarna is a place in Drottningholm and part of the palace grounds of where the Swedish Royal Family officially live. The King set up two moated islands and declared it to be used for dogs to run around leash free and often he can be seen walking through the grounds, although I’ve never had the pleasure. We met up with Bentley’s crazy but adorable best friend PC the Chocolate Lab and what came after was sheer hilarity. PC decided it would be a great idea to jump into the moat, so naturally, the two Goldens followed. And while PC retrieved a stick from the rank green waters, the brothers stood on the shore and barked at him together. Bentley started it and then Jackson ran over to be at his side and joined in on the barking. The funniest part was when Bentley leaped around like a crazed animal on the shore while Jackson and PC raced for a stick. LOL. And then trying to get all three of them to sit in a row… pure comedy. I actually did manage to get them to sit there all nice-like with the help of Sally and Erik, a bunch of treats and a stick, but I think the last picture is actually funner and speaks more to their individual personalities. PC just couldn’t help himself. He had to lunge for he treat and the brothers sat either side of him like sentinels. Retrievers. They sure are big personalities.


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